Wednesday, September 21, 2011

West Coast Love ~ Part One ~

Last weekend, I hopped on a plane for a quick visit to my favorite City by the Bay.  No matter how many times I've been there (this was my 5th time), my love for this gorgeous city never wanes.  I'm afforded the added bonus that one of my favorite people just so happens to live there, so I get to visit my favorite West Coast city and my favorite West Coast person!  I'm definitely a lucky girl.

On this trip, my dear friend A and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a Go-Car tour of the City.  

How awesome is this little Go Car?  The kid who we rented the car from was amusing.  Within 10 minutes of us walking in to rent the car, he told us how he was so excited because he just got his first credit card (which he had to lie to the bank about his salary to get) and then he proceeded to tell us how he wanted to take a ridiculous cash advance out and then flee the country...sigh...

Anyhow, we hopped in our little GPS guided tour car and set out, A in the driver seat, me passenger-side with camera at the ready.  We drove alongside other normal sized cars, trolleys and cable cars and every street corner or so, had our picture snapped by some intrigued tourists.  A is a native SF-er so she knew her way around pretty well without the GPS, but our 'tour guide' on the system provided some nice commentary.  We hit up the typical tourists spots, Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Fisherman's Wharf, plus we drove by some places I had never been to before like the Painted Ladies (aka Full House house) and drove down Lombard Street.

After our Go Car tour, we hit up Buena Vista Cafe for an Irish Coffee (or two!) to warm up.  Let me tell you, those things are GOOD!  Then, one of the highlights of my trip, we headed down to Fort Mason and hit up Off the Grid, a weekly food truck festival.  A knew this would be right up my alley, and boy was she right!  Have I mentioned that she's one of my favorite people?

When we got down to the trucks, I could barely contain my excitement.  The sights! The smells!  Every person that passed by me with some delectable looking treat was met with my gaze of admiration.  If I let my inner fat child do as she pleased, I would have gotten something from every food truck, however, sadly we only got to hit up three trucks before our bellies were happily, deliriously full.  Now had I been a good food blogger I would have taken pictures of what we ate, but once we got our food, I had only one thought...Git in Mah Bellah! 

Chilly, tired, and bellies full, we walked back from the Marina to A's apartment and called it a night to make sure we were rested up for the next day for our trip up to wine country....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One year (and 10) later

One year ago I woke up, got prettified, and put on the most expensive and beautiful article of clothing I've owned thus far in my life,

One year ago, I piled into a car with some of the most beautiful and best girls I know and drove up to where a church full of people were waiting,

One year ago, I walked the most exhilarating walk I had walked in my life,

One year ago, in front of friends and loved ones, I married the love of my life,


I walked in a Miss and out a Mrs,

Danced my first dance as a married woman,


and realized my new found 'baller' status.

...but today is not only the first anniversary of my marriage, but also the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the US and the day the towers fell.  As much as I remember this day last year, the memory of this day 10 years ago is still burned in my brain as well.  Seeing the fighter jets fly overhead campus on my way to my Cognitive Psych class.  Having my professor walk in to a crowded lecture hall and simply write on the board 'Class Cancelled' and then walk out.  Heading to the flooded computer labs at the campus center whilc crashed with the incredible influx of traffic. Going to a nearby friend's dorm to try to get to a tv.  Watching the first tower fall and feeling numb. Watching the second tower fall along with my heart and the tears.  I thought about my father, who used to work there.  I thought about my many friends, who might have loved ones who were there that day.  I thought of my roommate, who would spend the next 7 hours trying to get in touch with her brother, who thankfully was ok.  I thought about how much the skyline I so often saw and took for granted, had forever changed that morning.  And I cried for a week and a half.

I often am asked why we chose this date last year to get married, especially considering how close we are to it all.  It was a difficult decision for me, because Hubster wasn't as close to it as I was (and still am), but it all boiled down to one simple fact: Life must go on.  The horrific events that occurred 10 years ago today will be forever imprinted in our hearts and minds, but now, for us, it will also be the day that we promised our lives to each other.  It's the day we said out loud (tho not really because of the type of ceremony we had) that our love for each other is stronger than the hate that was expressed to make this a historical date.  Admittedly, I'm torn because today is the 1st anniversary of the happiest day of my life so far, but it's also the 10th anniversary of the worst.  But if I am to move on with my life, I will spend the day embracing the 10 year memory, but celebrating the first of many years of marriage to come.  So...

Happy anniversary my love.  It's been an exciting first year and I look forward to the next 100+ and growing old together.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma!

See this woman?

She's amazing and beautiful.  Quite possibly the strongest, bravest and most caring person I know.  That's my mom and today is her birthday.  If I told you how old she was (and I won't because I don't think she'd appreciate it!) you wouldn't believe me.  This was her on my wedding day...isn't she just adorable?

Happy Birthday Momma!  I love you so much and am thankful that God blessed me with a mother like you.

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